Friday, April 22, 2016

Erik Jones

Erik is one of the newest competitors in the NASCAR motorsports. Erik started racing in 2014 and finished 8th in the points in the NASCAR Busch series, which is the best any rookie has ever done in that series. Then in 2015 he goes on and wins the 2015 Camping world truck series. Also the youngest competitor to do that in this series as well. He also made his NASCAR sprint cup series debut when Matt kenseth got a 4 race suspension. Erik did really well racing for him, he averaged 12 place finish in those 4 races which is really good considering he is a rookie in the hardest division of NASCAR. Erik is going to be the next biggest racer in this generation. Erik has only been racing for this will be his 3rd season and already has 10 wins in his NASCAR career which is amazing most people go a couple seasons without breaking the top ten let alone winning a race. Erik races for the Kyle Busch motorsports which is one of the best racers in the Busch series to ever race. He will be in a full time Sprint cup car next year. Erik is one of the best rookies to be racing now and will be very successful and win a lot of races as a NASCAR racer.

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