Friday, March 4, 2016

Carl Edwards

Carl Edwards is a NASCAR driver in the infinity series and in the sprint cup series. Carl won his first infinity series race in 2007 when he edged out Kyle Busch. He then has nearly won the 2011 sprint cup series when at the end of 36 races he ended in a tiebreaker with tony Stewart. Tony won the tie breaker which was whoever won the most races that year. Tony was dominant that year and but so was Carl tony won five of the last 10 races. So that tells you who the two dominant people where that race season. Carl is the one and only person who is known for when he wins he does a back flip off of his car. He is known as a celebrity because he is the only person that actually does that after every race he wins. Carl has 38 career wins and and has 174 career top tens in the sprint cup series. He also has 27 poles which is very impressive because he is competing at the highest level of NASCAR possible. Carl is one of the top competitors in the NASCAR sprint cup series and is doing great at his new team this year.

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